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R-19 – Transportation

Describe the transportation arrangements for students including arrangements for students who would not qualify for public school transportation under Education Law §3635. Also describe any supplemental transportation arrangements planned with sending school districts. Include a discussion of any transportation for Saturday school, test preparation or any transportation that does not align with district options.

The NYCDOE is responsible for providing transportation services to Cardinal McCloskey Community Charter School’s students. Cardinal McCloskey Community Charter School students will receive the same transportation services as other New York City public school students. Eligibility for busing and half-fare or full-fare MetroCards is determined by and provided by the Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT). After the School submits a Transportation Request Form and uses ATS or NIPSIS to supply the NYCDOE with the necessary information about its students, the NYCDOE will determine the eligibility for transportation of the School’s students. This eligibility is based on age and distance from the School, in accordance with the Chancellor’s regulations (Regulation A-801). Cardinal McCloskey Community Charter School will not guarantee parents that a child will have yellow school bus service or half-fare or full-fare MetroCards until such service eligibility has been confirmed by OPT.

Special education students often have different eligibility for transportation as well. Their eligibility is dictated by their IEP. Transportation for special education students will be provided in accordance with all applicable State and Federal laws. The School’s students will receive transportation services for which they are eligible under Education Law § 2853(4)(b) and § 3635. If a student is not eligible for transportation, transportation becomes the responsibility of the child/s parents.

With regard to the days that Cardinal McCloskey Community Charter School is in session and the regular NYCDOE public schools are not in session (i.e. the charter school’s extended year), the School will contract directly with its bus service provider assigned by the OPT and will pay for the buses out of its own school budget. Funds have been allocated to this transportation need in Cardinal McCloskey Community Charter School’ budget projections and will be an annual budgetary item of the School.

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