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Cardinal McCloskey Community Charter School is dedicated to creating a learning environment where students are inspired, educated and enriched to maximize their potential.  Our goal is to provide the students we serve with the knowledge, skills and mindset needed to become leaders of the global community. In order to fulfill this mission, our students are provided with the highest quality, research-based curriculum aligned directly with the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards. 




Cardinal McCloskey Community Charter School’s kindergarten, first, and second grade students are exposed to instructional practices that support the development and early learning with a framework aligned to the Sanctuary Model of trauma-informed learning to maintain a nonviolent, democratic, productive school community and a curriculum aligned to the Next Generation Learning Standards. Our staff has the availability of a multitude of online and classroom curricular resources that continuously support the development of children with an overview of language and literacy, mathematics, science, and social-emotional development. The educational practices, including technology, support the early learning of second language learners, and students at risk for disabilities and receive instruction during small group intervention. The principles of learning include managing the learning environment, teaching subject-matter content through learning trajectories, tiered intervention approaches, using a mix of instructional methods, interdisciplinary approaches to instruction, and ensuring follow-through and continuity.

Grades 3-4


Students in grades 3-4 participate in a well balanced educational program. Cardinal McCloskey Community Charter School takes a methodical approach to instruction in every subject area in order to provide frequent and significant opportunities for growth. Evidence-based structures such as interactive read-alouds, strategy, guided groups, and accountable independent reading are used across the curriculum. Student data is used to create individualized learning plans and real-life experiences. We use a balanced literacy approach within English Language Arts. Vocabulary activities, interactive read-alouds, close reads, shared, guided, strategic independent reading are all part of the daily routine. During writing, the focus is on craft, grammar and mechanics. Teachers implement units that provide students with a variety of genres and mentor text in order to promote authentic writing experiences for students. In order to give our students a solid Science foundation, we follow a sensory approach to science literacy.  Our students are engaged in hands-on, project-based learning experiences. The National Geographic Panorama reading through the lens of Social Studies exposes learners to Civics, History, Geography, and Economics, through authentic living books.

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